Murdannia loriformis. First time growing murdannia. This plant was successfully tested in thailand for its anti-cancerous properties. In clinical tests people who took this plant had a significant reduction of cancerous tumours. Unfortunately this plant comes from thailand and is therefore not so easy to grow in temperate climates. It will and does grow in a polytunnel, no problem, but when temperatures drop it stops to grow and you have to keep it indoors over winter. To treat yourself against cancer with this you would need large amounts of plant material rendering the practical application of this plant very difficult unless you have a frost free glass house with a lot of space. In trials people drank the freshly pressed juice of this plant and it was effective in combating cancer. But like i said if you wanted to do this yourself you would need huge amounts of this plant growing in a frost free glass house and it might not help against all types of cancer.


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