Medlar. Mespilus germanica. I was lucky to get two very rare types of medlar. One kind was sent to me by a swiss collector who said it is the best tasting variety he knows. The second one is a seedless one that makes larger fruit than the ordinary seedless one, so also very special. There still is a huge potential in improving medlars through breeding simply by crossing them or even by trying to cross them with other fruit species. Medlars give fruit in my climate every year. No other fruit tree is as reliable for me as the medlar.

superior tasting swiss type.

large fruited, seedless type from bulgaria.


  1. Did you put the medlar trees into a plastic tunnel? Do they actually need it? (I thought they are fully hardy...?)

    1. They are fully hardy, but here where i live i like to grow my grafted plants in my polytunnel for one year after grafting. The additional heat and better growing conditions seem to improve the success rate of grafting and they also grow stronger. One year later then i plant them out.


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